Drilling services

Minerex Drilling Contractors operates one of the most modern and technically advanced fleets of drilling rigs in West Africa. The company prides itself on its ability and willingness to undertake difficult and challenging drilling projects with an innovative hands-on approach. From its bases at Obuasi, Ghana and Sayara in Senegal, the company can mobilise specialised drilling equipment anywhere in West Africa.

Services provided:

Reverse Circulation Drilling

Rotary Air Blast Drilling

Diamond Drilling

Grade Control Drilling

Environmental and Water-Well Drilling

Boosters and Auxiliary Compressors

Geo-Loop Installation

Minerex Drilling Contractors specializes in Reverse Circulation (RC) and Diamond Core Drilling, and has recently added air-core drilling capabilities. Over half of Minerex's fleet consists of multipurpose rigs, which have the ability to perform both RC and core drilling. This versatility reduces costs associated with mobilization and demobilization, and effectively reduces the realized cost per meter associated with a drill program.

Our drilling services are supported with both Digital Surveying and Core Orientation tools. A wide range of auxiliary equipment can be mixed and matched to meet specific client demands.

Fully self-contained camp facilities are available for remote operations and an extensive range of spare parts is carried on site.