Business of the Company

The company is well established and has a number of drill rigs, both multipurpose and single purpose rigs. Together with our specialised auxiliary equipment and an extensive stock of consumables and spares, we are an ideal choice for all your drilling needs. Our rigs are operated and maintained by a team of professional and certified drillers and mechanics with extensive local and overseas field experience helping us to operate with minimal downtime.

Our policy is to establish a well-stocked centralized office/accommodation and workshop for our field crew during the execution of long-term contracts to facilitate easy interaction and communication with field operations.

Minerex can offer a full range of drilling services including diamond drilling, RAB, reverse circulation and grade control.

Minerex has specialised knowledge and experience of operating on exploration projects. This specialist knowledge allows us to work together with our clients to help ensure the best value solutions for their drilling needs in this particularly competitive and price sensitive area.